Think Big, Shop Small this Christmas

The bushfires and pandemic have slammed the economy and hit small businesses hard this year, in Australia and all over the world. By shopping small this Christmas, we can all help small businesses stay afloat and give them a fighting chance to rebound in 2021. Every small purchase helps a small business. 

When you shop small, you’re not just buying a great product or service - you’re supporting the dream of the tenacious person or people behind it. At the helms of small businesses are intrepid founders who invent and build things despite uncertain success, driven by an optimism that they have special ideas, solutions or skills to offer. Their risks often lead to innovations that move the world forward, in small - and sometimes epic - ways.

Small businesses are vital to the economic and social fabric of local communities, too. When you shop local, your dollars stay in that community and help create local jobs and local development: it's called the multiplier effect and it helps the whole community prosper.  

It's true for both small Australian and overseas businesses. When you buy fair trade products, workers and farmers get a fair pay for their work which enables them to support their families, community and their local environment. 

You may pay slightly more for goods made by small businesses versus similar items at chain retailers - but you’re paying for the peace of mind that comes with ethical production. Goods produced by individuals and small businesses are often handmade, or made in small batches, and therefore not as exploitative of resources and human labour as large and corporate brands tend to be. 

The Good Party Co. loves to support small businesses (we are one too!) by providing a platform for eco-conscious customers to find the producers and products they're looking for. You can find a list of the brands we stock here, including fabulous Australian and international small businesses who are doing their bit to move the world forward... We can all do our bit by thinking bigger and shopping smaller this Christmas! 


(Brands stocked at The Good Party Co.)