Going Sustainable with Food & Drink Wares

We get presented with opportunities to make more sustainable choices every day. Food and drink wares are a prime example. In our modern Australian way of life, many of us will buy take away food or drinks at least weekly, if not daily. This creates a massive amount of waste in the form of single-use plastic containers, cutlery, straws and bottles. But more sustainable options exist, and by saying no to single-use plastic we can drastically reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill or as litter or ocean pollution.

On the good news front, we need not even look beyond our own shores for innovative brands making sustainable food and drink wares! Joco, for example, create stylish and eco-innovative reusable drinking wares “designed for a lifetime of use”. Their signature Joco Roll Straws conveniently roll up into a portable key-ring container, so you can always say, “No straw thanks - I have my own!”

RetroKitchen are another Australian brand pioneering BYO food wares. RetroKitchen’s ‘Carry Your Own Cutlery' sets come in handy compact (and good looking!) carry cases that can fit neatly into your glove box, handbag or backpack - so you can say no to single use plastic cutlery anywhere, anytime!

Opting for portable food vessels is another great way to #reduceyouruse of single-use plastics. For starters, consider taking your own container and carry bag to collect your take-away order, and support food outlets that are dedicated to planet-friendlier packaging. On the home front, make the switch to reusable food wraps instead of plastic wrap. Honeybee Wrap make durable and naturally antibacterial beeswax-based wraps that make a fantastic, reusable alternative to cling wrap and zip-lock bags. And they come in a great range of fun designs to jazz up your fridge and lunch box!

We can apply sustainable thinking to picnics and outdoor dining too. If disposability is a must for convenience, there are still much better, biodegradable options to plastic. EcoSouLife is another Australian company on a mission to deliver environmentally-friendly alternatives to food and drink wares. Their range includes disposable but biodegradable plates, trays, bowls, cups, cutlery, straws and napkins made from a variety of natural materials and compositions designed to breakdown harmlessly. Their products are both eco-friendly and stylish, taking picnicking to the next level!

There are many ways that anybody and everybody can reduce their own carbon footprint on a daily basis. It starts with a sustainability mindset. Small consumer choices multiplied by millions of individuals can change the world!


© Written by Anika O. for The Good Party Co. for Waste Free Planet (December 2020).

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