You won't find disposable plastic straws in this store!

Plastic straws are one of the most picked up items during beach cleanups all over the world. In Australia we use around 10 million straws every single day! Over a year, that’s about 3.5 billion plastic straws - and that's in Australia alone. 

Single-use plastic straws are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. They're one of the most common forms of litter and they enter our waterways and then our oceans en masse, where they're harmful to marine wildlife and the marine ecosystem. 

Once in the ocean, rather than biodegrading or dissolving, plastic breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces known as micro-plastics, which pose great threats to marine life - and all the way through the food chain back to humans.

Every year millions of turtles, seabirds, marine mammals and other wildlife die from accidentally ingesting or becoming trapped in or ensnared by plastic waste.

The turtle that sparked the #stopsucking campaign

In 2015, marine biologist Christine Figgener shot a disturbing video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck in its nostril. Blood streams out of the turtle’s nose as scientists attempt to pull it out, and the animal shows signs of pain as human hands hold it down. The eight-minute clip has had more than 31 million views (as of 2019) and is often credited with galvanizing the modern campaign against plastic straws. The Lonely Whale, an advocacy group which has led the popular #stopsucking social media campaign, launched just months after the YouTube video went viral. “It had a very emotional effect on people and it definitely fueled the movement that already existed,” Figgener later told Time magazine. “I thought I [could] really show what one object can do, what kind of harm it can do.”

What can you do?

  • Skip the straw! Say, “No plastic straw for me, thanks.” Get in the habit of asking for "no straw" before you order a beverage - and maybe even give a quick tip to why, as you sip your drink instead. 
  • Switch to reusable straws, made from steel, silicone or bamboo. Check out our sustainable-straws range here.
  • BYO reusable straw when you're out and about!
  • Use paper straws - they're readily compostable and biodegradable.


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