ETHIQUE Body Sampler 5-pack
ETHIQUE Body Sampler 5-pack
ETHIQUE Body Sampler 5-pack

ETHIQUE Body Sampler 5-pack

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Ethique's samplers make a great gift for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family – they’re already wrapped (in 100% compostable packaging) and ready to be gifted!

These samplers are a fun way to experience Ethique's globally-popular and award-winning body products that are packaged without plastic... so they're also a great gift to inspire your friends to #giveupthebottle!

Need some pampering? This créme bodywash bar is designed specifically for those with sensitive skin, or those who just want a super hydrating bodywash. This bar will produce a creamy, low bubble lather - with loads of creamed coconut butter and a little clay to get you clean, without drying you out.

Lime and Ginger Body Polish
Scrub & moisturise from tip to toe with creamy cocoa butter, luscious lime and polishing pumice! Infused with lime and ginger, this Lime and Ginger Body Polish is both sweet and zingy, refreshing the senses and softening the skin. The perfect body scrub for all skin types.

Bodywash Bar- Pumice, Teatree & Spearmint
Ethique's bodywash bars are handmade with butters, essential oils and fresh ingredients to leave you clean and delicious smelling. Best for the body: not to be confused with Ethique's shampoo bars. 

Botanica - Solid Deodorant
Stay fresh and confident all day long, without baking soda or aluminium. Instead, Ethique employ wonder ingredients magnesium hydroxide, zinc oxide and bamboo (which absorbs 200% its own weight in sweat and oil) to keep sweat and smell away. Scented with lavender and vanilla, with jojoba and sweet almond oil for silky smooth underarms.

Sweet Orange & Vanilla Butter Block
In keeping with all things solid, Ethique have made a world-class body lotion in a divine buttery block. Cocoa butter alongside lecithin, babassu and coconut oils & pure essential oils create a bar that is easy to use, supremely hydrating and fabulous for heels, elbows or anywhere else needing a little TLC.

Each sample weighs between 10-20g giving you ample chance to try each product.


  • Made in NZ
  • Ethique is a certified carbon-neutral company
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Compostable packaging
  • Certified Palm oil free
  • Gluten-free
  • Certified cruelty-free & vegan